Kara Dawson - Kara's Corner

If you are interested in trying it out, first create an account:

1.      Go to Twitter.com or download the free app on your portable device.

2.      Click on Sign up"

3.      Fill in the required information

4.      Choose your username:


This is important, you will want to choose carefully-this is how people contact you.  They make some suggestions for you that use your real name. I recommend that you use one of these, or create one that incorporates one of your interests (ex techiekara).

Then follow some people. You don't need to "Tweet" yourself until you are comfortable, start by watching what others write.  Click in the search box in the top right of the screen and type in the name of the person you wish to follow.  When you find them, click on Follow.


Here are some great people to follow:


Will Richardson​

Also try exploring some Hashtags (used to mark keywords and topics).  Try looking at some that are in your field of interest and of course, try our school district hashtag #learn71.  You just need to type them in the search spot at the top right.  Try putting the hashtag symbol (#) in front of something that interests you.

For example: #edtech, #innovation, #21stcenturylearning


For more information, check out:

Click here for an excellent beginner's guide for educators using Twitter.