Kara Dawson - Kara's Corner

​​​​​​​​​Twine is a free online program that you and your students can use to create "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories to be viewed online.  The skills needed for this program range from beginner stories that would just involve text to more complex stories in which you use HTML and CSS to fancy up your work.  Here are some links to help you get started:


SD #71 Locally Developed Twine Writing Lesson - Crafting Stories​
Twine Pathway Story Planning Boards
How to Save Your Twine Story

Cheat Sheet ​- this is designed to help new users with some terms and basic mark up language​

2017-11-03 11_02_02-chooseyourownadventuretemplate11x17.docx - Word.pngGraphic Organizers to Pre-Plan your story


A total Beginners Guide to Twine

beginnertwine.pngAnother Basic Intro to Twine - This would be a good presentation to use with a class