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Remembrance Day

REMEMBRANCE DAY LINKS  Poppy Remembrance Day clip art

Here are some links to help you get started with your studies for Remembrance Day:

The Royal Canadian Legion
Learn about the symbolism of poppies and other aspects of Remembrance Day. The Canadian Legion also offers annual contests for poetry, essay writing and posters about Remembrance Day. You can also download their free Teachers Guide. Students can look at past contest winners to get inspiration.

CBC for Kids – Remembrance Day
This site contains lots of information about Remembrance Day written in easy to read language. Included here is also information about what kids were going through at home during the wars. Click on Teachers at the top to get lesson plans and more information about Canadian history.

Canadian Heroes​
This is a site that has stories about Canadian War Heroes. There are stories here about the people who fought in the wars. It is very moving.

Canadian War Museum​
Here you will find ideas online collections to help you guide your class to a good understanding of Canada’s involvement in the war. The letters are excellent!

Canadian Letters and & Images Project
This is an online archive of the Canadian war experience, from any war, as told through the letters and images of Canadians themselves.  This was put together by educators on Vancouver Island and also has a wonderful Teacher’s Guide with lesson plans.(Thank you Gracie MacDonald.)

Remembrance Day Video​
This is an incredibly powerful, touching video showing Canadian service men and women over the years. (Thank you Julie Shields.)

Veteran Affairs Canada Youth Site
This is an excellent site to use to learn about all aspects of Canada’s involvement in the wars. There is a great multi-media section and this site is also available in French. Lots of lesson plans and packages. Click on Students in the left to use with your class.​​

Remembrance Day- Aboriginal  resources online:​

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Grades 4-7


Grades 8-12