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Kindergarten Physics Teacher Resources

Kindergarten Physics Teacher Guide  (Designed by SD 71 Educators)

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Lesson Plans:

Little Bins for Little Hands - A collection of simple physics activities for kids

Pre-K Pages -  This website is a great resource for teachers.  Go to the  Exploring Ramps and Friction page under Lesson Plans. 

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls - There are some great Physics activities here

The Science Kiddo - This site has a fun movement experiment using magnets and small cars.

Steam Powered Family - A site demonstrating some experiments for exploring the ways things move by using cars, straws, tape, string, paper, etc. 

Housing a Forest - This site uses small cars with felt markers taped on the back to explore movement.  Drawing with cars is the name of the activity.  Put the cars on ramps, blow on the cars to move them, use a variety of surfaces such as bubble wrap, sand paper, etc. to explore the patterns of movement made by the cars on these surfaces.