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Grade 3 Earth and Space Science Teacher Resources

Science Kit:

Grade 3 Earth and Space Kit (Designed by SD 71 Educators)

Quicklinks to Online References Found in Teacher's Guide:    Valuable website includes fabulous pictures of local landforms. Highly recommend exploring and projecting the incredible local images from this site. Check out specifically Unique Landscapes.

Erosion: - Dirtmeister's Science Lab Erosion-click on Science Lab at the bottom right to go to the experiment - About Education: a page of information about Erosion - An excellent page of information about erosion written in for ​kids to be able to understand - Panoramic views of different landscapes​​

Loc​al Content:

Big Rock in Campbell River:

1. ​

2.       Big Rock Story DVD  – produced by Campbell River Museum

3.       Raven Tales – Great Bear Rock DVD

​​Also the Okotoks Erratic ~ It's a glacial erratic - a rock transported far from its place of origin by glacial ice thousands of years ago – not local but Canadian. Excellent information and visuals can be found:​

1. - The The Legend of Napi and the Rock

2.   Alberta Culture and Tourism​

3.  The Amusing Planet - The Okotoks - The Big Rock of Alberta​

Place based learning opportunities:

Puntledge River, Fossil tour, Goose Spit bluffs heading toward Kitty Coleman beach (evidence of glacial till), Air Force Beach, Paradise Meadows Hike, Cumberland trails and the gravel yard by the highway (glacial till evidence of glacial erosion), local walks near  your school
Elk Falls bus trip, Trent River, Dyke Road Estuary (erosion caused by tide, rain, flooding)
Big Rock in Campbell River: see section on K’omoks and other distinct stories of the Big Rock.
1. Videos:

Our Erosion Song


​Weathering, Erosion and Deposition Song


HowStuffWorks Show: Episode 4: The Power of Water Erosion

Billy Blue Hair: What is Erosion

Erosion Lab

Other Resources:
Climate Kids - Nasa's Eyes on Earth - There is a tonne of information here about climate change.