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Grade 3 Chemistry Teacher Guide (Designed by SD 71 Educators)

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Lesson Plans:

Make Heat Sensitive Colour Changing Slime​​ - Fun Way to Explain Viscosity to Children​​ - Make electric playdough​ - Lesson plan for Oobleck

     Here are some instructions and other ideas for playing with the Oobleck (see the video section for videos too):​ - Science: Viscosity Bottles​ - The Magic Ketchup Experiment

Online Resources:

Chemical and Engineering News - Hand Warmers​ - An explanation of how hand warmers work​​ - Newspaper article about maple syrup industry growing in the Comox Valley​ - Chem4Kids Atoms - -   Explanation of Density


​​​ - Scholastic Study Jams about heat







Adventures in learning: Electric Playdough and Circuits for kids ~ lots of prep required:

 ​These are videos to show after you experiment with Oobleck: - Non-Newtonian pothole fillers (1 min)


Other References: