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Grade 2 Chemistry Teacher Resources

Grade 2 Chemistry Teacher Guide  (Designed by SD 71 Educators)

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Online Resources:

Wild Foods and Medicines - Click on the Blog topics on the lower left side to learn about the properties of the listed plants to find out what makes them usesful.

Soap Flowers art project - Explore the properties of soap.

Ideas for Soap Carvings

More Soap Carving Ideas

Soap Carving Images​ - Information for teachers about matters, mixtures and changing states of matter​​

Videos:​ - PBS kids sample videos -  Study Jams Scholastic: Physical/Chemical change excellent short video with a great summary

This video also incorporates Aboriginal ways of knowing.:


ou tube in English (5:44) that shows examples of chemical and physical changes in daily life, (It has no speaking)



Other Resources: