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Kindergarten Biology Teacher Guide ~ Plants (Designed by SD 71 Educators)

Kindergarten Biology Teacher Guide ~ Animals: 'Creature Features'​​  (Designed by SD 71 Educators)

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Science World Lessons:
Backyard Brainstorm - Go on a plant and animal search with your class.
Finding Pollen​ - Collect pollen and discuss the characteristics of pollinators
Hummingbird Dress Up​ - Explore the unique characteristics of hummingbirds​​
Plant Classification - Explore plant characteristics by looking at similarities and differences

Online Resources:
San Diego Zoo​ - Lots of animal information here. There are also "Animal Cam" that enable you to see the animals in the zoo and collections of videos about the animals that they have created.  These would be great for observing the animals.

Field Trips:
Go on a walking fieldtrip around your school neighbourhood to look at the local plants and animals. (See Plant Feature and Animal Features for more ideas)​
Go on walks with each walk having a different theme. (See Plant Feature and Animal Features for more ideas)​