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Grade 7 Biology Teacher Resources

​​Grade 7 Biology Kit​​  (Designed by SD 71 Educators)

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Lesson Links:

Evolution and the Nature of Science Evolution Lesson Plans -​ - There is a large collection of lessons here to help you teach evolution and Natural Selection





Teaching Students How to Determine Importance in Nonfiction Text ~ Many of our vulnerable students have a hard time navigating nonfiction text.  This link shares a series of lessons in which students use post-it notes to learn about, and indicate their understanding, of nonfiction text features.  Even your most capable students will benefit from this clear review. 

Adaptive Radiation ~ This link provides some background information about Darwin's finches of the Galapagos Islands.

Boxing Placemat ~ Using this black line master will get students talking in groups.  Their task is to notice, think and wonder.  In other words ... think!

Boxing Strategy ~ A Timeline ~ Use this blackline master to get students thinking about the amount of time humans have been on Earth compared to the length of time Earth has been around. 

The effects of the Iceage in our local environement

Unique landscapes on Vancouver Island


Online Resources:

Julia Roberts as Mother Nature ~ DO NOT miss sharing this video as a launch to this unit!

The Adaptive Radiation of Darwin's Finches ~ A Short Video

A Scientist explains adaptive radiation 

Natural Selection ~ a Clear Explanation

An animated video describing evolution

What does 4.5 million years of evolution of the earth look like? Watch this animated video to see! 

The 6 craziest extinctions ever  ~ This is one of those quickly sketched narrations that will capture your attention and provide information about extinctions.

The birth of a kangaroo

 Australia's biodiversity

The iceage

Who Wants to Live a Million Years – Click on “Learn about Natural Selection” learn about Darwin and his theory.  Play the game to experiment with Natural Selection.

NOVA Labs Evolution – A full set of lessons with videos and games to learn about evolution.

​​Human Bipedalism: Understanding Standing Up – Students build a human skeleton and chimpanzee skeleton while clips explain how the two are different.​



Here is a video example of the experiment in which students use different tools (beaks) to collect seeds.  Click on Download Media to get it and view it.

Other Resources:

Boxing Mats to go with the lessons from the Teacher Guide

Science First Peoples: Teacher Resources Guide

About the Guide: includes background information regarding how First Peoples' perspectives in science can be recognized and included in science inquiry. It also offers curriculum planning suggestions, and provides examples of fully developed units that correspond with the Big Ideas and Learning Standards in the BC Provincial Science Curriculum for grades 5- 9. The resources focus on Grades Five to Nine, but can also be applied to other grade levels.​

This guide is intended in part to address the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, particularly the call to "integrate Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods into classrooms" (clause 62) and "build student capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy and mutual respect" (clause 63).​