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Grade 3 Biology Teacher Guide​ (Designed by SD 71 Educators)


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Online Resources:

Kelp Kingdom​ - This is a National Geographic Kids article about all the animals that live in the kelp ecosystem​ - Incredible website from UVic : beautiful images and descriptions about Vancouver Island’s historical communities, Island wildlife, First Nations communities, unique landscapes and vulnerable ecologies. -  Blue planet links to educational resources, water facts and environmental issues - Comox Valley conservation strategy: What is biodiversity? - Biodiversity BC - Ministry of Environment: sensitive ecosystems inventories: East Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands ecosystems - Ministry of Environment : Vancouver Island ecosystems Habitat Card Sets included in kit -  Ecosystems - Food webs and food chains - The last stop on the food chain - Portable worm farm - Rotting demonstration - Food chain - Food Chain​ - Decomposers (bacteria and fungi) 




Other Resources: