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Grade 2 Biology Teacher Resources

​​ Grade 2 Biology Teacher Guide  (Designed by SD71 Educators)

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Lesson Plans:

Science World - Seed dissection lesson

Science World - Seed to Food Match Up Lesson

Science World - Tree Cookies

Science World - Moss Propagation

Science World - Plants All Around Us

Science World - Can you make a bead fly?

Science World - Pollinator Syndromes

Science World - Feathers, Fur, or Fin

Science World​ - Plant Relay Game​

Online Resources:

An Overview of the Nutrient Value and Use of Plant Foods by Indigenous Peoples​

Stream to Sea - Helping Students Become Water Stewards - here you will find links to lesson plans, brochures, posters and everything that you need to teach the life cycle of salmon

The Water Cycle for Schools.png

USGS - The Water Cycle for Schools-Beginner Level - This is an interactive map of the water cycle

National Geographic - Baby Animals

National Geographic Puppy Pictures