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​​ Grade 1 Biology Teacher Guide ~ Creature Adaptations  (Designed by SD 71 Educators)

Grade 1 Biology Teacher Guide ~Plant Adaptations​  (Designed by SD 71 Educators)

Quick Links to Online References Found in Teacher Guide:

​​​​​Online Resources:


​From the Ground Up -​ - An excellent website filled with resources and the virtual field trip portion is particularly helpful to show how plants are grown and harvested.​​

Think Earth - - Free downloadable unit plans for K-3, inquiry projects based on environmental themes.​

Sesame Street-Little Discoverers- STEM-​ - ​A website filled with short video clips to engage children in scientific thought processes such as experimenting, observing, recording. There are also educator resources and parent resources.​


San Diego Zoo​ - Lots of animal information here. There are also "Animal Cam" that enable you to see the animals in the zoo and collections of videos about the animals that they have created.  These would be great for observing the animals in their habitat.

Animal ​Classification​ - These are some great activities to teach students about how scientific animal names are decided on

Create a Creature​ - This Science World lesson takes students through designing a create that is adapted to survive in an environment the students create.

Living or Non-Living ​- This Science World lesson has students sorting pictures of living and non-living things to come up with a definition of each.

Name of Males, Females, Babies and Groups of Animals ​- a great Enchanted Learning page

World Book Encyclopedia - Compare All Animals -​ - Lots of easy to read information about animals-the kids can have the computer read the articles to them as well.

Canadian Animals - - This site is excellent for young readers.

Canadian Geographic Animal Facts -​ - Another great site with lots of animal information.

Aboriginal People and Animals Use - - This lesson contains a pictorial representation of a bison and the parts used traditionally by aboriginal people.​

Animals -​ - Lessons about the importance of animals to aboriginal peoples.​