Queneesh School Learning Plan

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School District #71 (Comox Valley)

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

School Learning Plans


The School Learning Plan is a living document that is designed to serve as a “blue print” to guide and align a schools work in terms of learning. It is designed to allow schools to align all their resources in order to meet all students learning needs. The content may be presented as a blend of text, graphics, video, photos etc. All information will be submitted to the Board office as well as posted on the schools website by October 15th.




School Philosophy ​

At Queneesh Elementary School we strive to provide a safe, caring and educationally nurturing environment for all.  We value all students' unique qualities and believe that everyone has the​​ ability to learn, build relationships and contribute to our school community.    

Who are we?

Queneesh Elementary has developed a positive reputation in our community of being much more than a school. It is a caring community where families, students and staff work and learn together as a team supporting each other, encouraging the best in each other, and celebrating the accomplishments of all. 

Teaching and learning are hard work. At Queneesh we are committed to the development of a healthy school environment that allows all students to develop to their highest potential.  We believe in appropriately challenging students to do their very best in all endeavors and to take pride in their work and, most importantly, themselves. 

We will strive to ensure the best possible learning environment for your children and we encourage parents to continue to be active participants in their learning throughout the year. 

​We believe that optimal learning can only take place in an environment that is enjoyable, safe, orderly and caring.  We value good manners, hard work, honesty and respect.  We welcome your expertise, concerns and suggestions as we strive to improve the learning environment for our children.  Our minds and doors are always open.  

   Aug. 31st, 2017

   Sept. 20, 2018


Our Goal:

​To enhance student learning at Queneesh elementary by providing supports to classrooms and individual students that allows them access their learning. ​​​


​​Our goal is to create an environment and strategies to help students become self-regulated and sustain learning.

​​~child able to focus ~follow through ~social responsibility ~self-awareness ~joy/engagement ~satisfaction/celebration ~alternate spaces


​​Our goal is to increase our students confidence, and independence with literacy in a supportive engaging and creative way.​

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​​December 12, 2017

September 20, 2018

​Learning and Action​ (January 23, February 23 and May 16)

  • What is our plan to enhance our students learning?
  • What is our action plan to enhance students learning as well as to work toward our focus goals?
    • ​We created a third, more recently identified goal, which developed out of a recognition that we need to create a school wide common language that expresses our core values to anchor our school self-regulation goal.  We worked collaboratively to identify values and are finalizing language to plan next year's school wide activities to work on self-regulation. 
  • What will we focus on in our professional learning that will support our students learning?
    • ​Through our examination of the “why” our students have difficulties self-regulating we moved forward collaboratively as a staff to expand our capacity to understand and implement best practice for student that have experienced adversity childhood experiences or high levels of stress in their lives. ​​

Updated Sept. 2018


  • What is our plan to gather evidence of our students learning?
  • What kind of information, facts, data, evidence will we use and why?
  • How will we know when students are successful? How do we know we have made a difference?
  • How will we communicate our evidence and our learning?

  1. Goal #1 Self-regulation 

  1. Our next steps are to use our pro-d day in August and September to continue to learn about causes of and strategies to address self-regulation. We have also partnered with Pathways to healing to support two identified classes throughout the school year.  Our third goal is also connected as it will express our learning in a child friendly manner.  


  1. Goal #2 

  1. Our next step is to expand the learning commons committee and to develop a set of behavioral expectations for our Learning Commons that aligns and coheres to the common language (goal 3.)  We also plan to use the committee and the Learning Commons to model to both teachers and students multiple ways to experience and creating literary works in a meaningful and engaging way. 


  1. Goal #3 

  1. Our next step is to build on our identified values ("The Q Compass – Guiding us on our journey) with the student body and the broader school community to embody the common values we want our students to exhibit. ​


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