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Links from SD71 PD Presentation, February 10, 2017

The Games

​To get the password giving access to all games and files, fill in the Beta Form.   

Box-Based Games​

These are the formally published games (vetted, consistent format, with a video to guide setup):

Main page (24 popular games)

More published games (100+)

Modern Languages


Seasonal Games

More games are published all the time.

Best way to search published games is Ctrl+f

More Games

Games in the sandbox are often great but may not have a formal video or haven’t been vetted yet. It’s in Google Drive. To search, use the bar at the top, or sort the folders alphabetically, or by date, or use Ctrl+f

(There isn’t a way (yet) to search games using tags. Apparently a reorganization is in the works.)

Still More Games

Many games (digital and box-based) get shared as files or links by teachers in the FB groups:

Breakout EDU Facebook Group

Very active, very helpful, and very big. Use the search function to see if your question has been asked & answered before. It likely has.

Sub-groups by speciality (Math, Science, Elementary, etc.)

Digital Games

Played in Chrome browser, based in a Google form. Can be played on iPads but can be a bit fussy

Main Digital Page

Sandbox ~75 games

Again, many games are shared by teachers informally via the

Breakout EDU Facebook Group

Designing Digital Games

Search function is weak--read through and sort columns

Useful Tools

Lock resetting tutorials

Lock care tips & Parking Lot

Breakout EDU timer

   (black with music)

Breakout EDU timer
    (white no music)

Hint Cards

One box ticket system

Try a Lock! cards

Teacher game tracking sheet

Team lock solution sheet

Random Team Generator

Pinterest board of locks & boxes

Adapting & Designing Games

Brainstorming form

Breakout EDU Game Template

Post on ways to modify games

Word Lock Letter Options

Breakout EDU Locks App iOS

Pinterest board of ciphers, codes, puzzles & other resources

(see last page of this document)


The Kit

Complete Kit
from Breakout EDU

$162.83 CAD
+ delivery from US

(heavy-not sure of the cost)

Creating your own Breakout kit takes time but will be less than half the cost. Most items can be found locally at bigger stores. I could not find the hasp or UV light/pen locally and ordered from Amazon. Our PAC paid for the locks for 4 kits and students made the large wooden boxes. (Prices vary)

3-Digit  $5.41


Staples in-store only

4-Digit (2 Pack)  $14.99


5-Letter Lock   $12.79


Directional Lock   $8.91


Key Lock   $8.99


UV light/Invisible ink pen combo   $6.98

Box with padlock eye


Canadian Tire

Smaller box

(Pencil case? Cigar box with hasp? Thrift find?)

Hasp    $10.74


Resources for Game Design

Playing a variety of games helps you to find creative clues at the level of your students. This post on modifying games will help you adapt games to your grade level.

Crowd-Sourced Spreadsheet

Teacher post about students designing physical breakouts

Digital Breakout Sampler:

Digital breakouts don’t come with solutions the way the box-based breakouts do. This is part of the excitement and challenge: you can be solving along with your students. When I complete a digital breakout, before I click the submit button, I take a screen capture of the solution so I can refer to it later.

  1. Sylvia Duckworth’s Digital Great Canadian Escape   Students   Teachers    En français

NOTE: Each team has a separate game because there is a shared, editable Google doc as one of the clues to solve. Each team needs to work collaboratively on the document, but separately from the other teams.

  1. Aubrey Yeh’s Sneaky Snow Snatcher  

  2. Tom Mullaney’s Langston Hughes Poetry

  3. Amanda Sandoval’s Suffering for Suffrage

  4. Ain’t No Party Like a Star Wars Party