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​​Comox Valley Fossil Adventures

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Adventures that take you back to the time of the dinosaurs! Husband and wife fossil hunters, Russ and Lori Ball, have combined their teaching skills, educational backgrounds and passions into an educational adventure for ages 8 to 88.

What we offer:

Elementary / Secondary level: based on ages

Classroom: up to three hours of hands on show and tell with slide shows, physical specimens, question period and discussion on fossils, rocks and geology. This can include a word search/crossword/drawing activity for a marking component.

Outdoor: follow up the classroom discussion with a hike, geology lesson, flora and fauna chat, and a fossil hunt. Students would leave the classroom and participate in a short hike and a chance to dig for dead critters.

The Change I want to See

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Permaculture is an innovative framwork for creating sustainable systems. It is the philosophy of working with rather than against nature.  The Change I want to See has four workshops they can bring to your school.  They provide workshops that take a solutions based approach to the envirnemntal crisis and the workshop empowers students to feel positive and take action.  They will help to identify ways to amke schools more sustainable, how they can become more active and healthier, to learning how to grow their own food.  

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The Power of R program includes teacher resource kits, as well as a variety of classroom workshops that are designed to be either stand-alone or presented as a part of the Inquiry Units. The information and delivery formats of the program are continually re-worked to engage different learning styles and stay current with emerging issues.

DV8-Education-Logo (1).webp                           Local Programmer

DV8 Education aims to create an alternative to the classroom by utilizing the school yard or community parks and forests.  Programs focus on environmental education and building relationships between self, others, and nature. Using games, singing, storytelling, outdoor adventures, field studies, stewardship, and play.  Programs are offered in both English and French and are run by one of our local BC Teacher Certified Teachers spreading her enthusiasm and compassion for the environment and the outdoors.​​


              Local Programs

Project Water shed has not only an incredible amount of local information on the Comox Valley Watershed but will also come to your class and support you in water cycle and watershed lessons.  There lessons are informative, hands on, interactive, with local examples and relevance.  They also offer supported day filed excursions to Comox Valley watershed locations with lessons and activities linked to current curriculum K-7.​