Environmental and Outdoor Learning-EOL

District Policy

 35972.png3016 R2 -- Criminal Record Search -- Volunteers, March 5, 2002.pdf

  • ​​For a quicker process have volunteer go directly to Police Station and they will process within 24hrs.

70735_265_rw-190_s_md.gif6031 MR4 -- Outdoor Travel, Activities, March 1, 2011.pdf - 

  • ​Policy guidlines for higher risk outdoor activites.  Includes ratios of supervisors to students for specific activities.

          ex. Canoe, Kayaking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing etc.

74528_163_i-6_s_md.gif6031 MR1 -- Same Day Travel, November 23, 2010.pdf

           6031 -- Student Travel Policy, November 23, 2010.pdf

71458.png6031 MR2 -- Overnight Travel within B.C., November 23, 2010.pdf

           6031 MR3 -- Overnight Travel Outside BC, March 1, 2011.pdf

           6031 MR5 -- Non Scheduled Transportation of Students, May 31, 2010.pdf