Tux Paint Teaching Ideas




-Create a class ABC book.  Each child is assigned a letter and makes a picture of things that begin with that letter or each child can make a page for their own ABC book as they learn the letters.


-Create simple story maps (ex. Fairy Tales) using the stamps.

-Do an “I see…” project in which kids draw a picture of something to go with your class theme (ex. a fall tree) and you help them learn to write “I see..” by stamping the letters and help them learn to stamp their name at the bottom.  You can also do this for numbers-I see 3 and then stamps 3 of something.


-Do a page of things that they like to do and have them stamp at the top “I like to…”.

-Do a page of “I like to eat and have them put down “I like to eat” 3 times on the page and sort the food stamps by breakfast, lunch and dinner.

-Have the child spell his/her name across the top and then place stamps that start with each letter underneath each letter.


-Classify animal stamps by types of animals (ex.  birds, fish, animals with four legs…)

-Classify the stamps by seasons or use them to draw pictures of things to do during the different seasons.

-Draw animal habitats. For example, if you are studying beavers then draw a beaver in its environment.

-Draw a plant and use the letter stamps to label the parts.


-Draw family portraits.


-As a sorting project, sort the stamps by colour or by size. 

-Have students start a pattern on their own computer and then switch with a partner and finish their patterns.

-Patterns - Create patterns using the stamps (you could make a border for a picture using the stamps and the square tool).


            -draw a number and put the appropriate number of stamps beside the number= show different ways to make a number.

            -draw a shape to go with the theme that you are studying in class and have students decorate it with the appropriate number of stamps.

​-Use the oval drawing tool to make snowmen using three circles, then use the tree drawing tools in the wacky pen to decorate around them.

-Draw pictures to show over, under, beside, near, far, left and right.


-Create “Hand Turkeys”.  Students put their hand up on the screen and then trace it with the pencil tool.  Then the kids turn their hand into a turkey:

-Create “Heart People” by resizing the heart stamp.​