Tux Paint Teaching Ideas
Grade 1



-Find all the stamps that have a ch sound or sh, etc...  Could also look for all the stamps that start with a given letter.

-Create story maps.

-Read Sue Williams “I went walking” then do a page where kids type in “I went walking.  What did you see?  I saw (draw what they saw) looking at me. This type of activity can be done for a variety of stories.

-Read Pat Hutchins “What Game Shall We Play?” and then write a story by filling the animals and objects with stamps instead of writing the word.  Then make a “Helper Sheet” (key) to show what the stamps stand for:​

-Have students do an “About Myself” page: type a page of information about yourself and then illustrate it with stamps.

-Illustrate a poem (ex.  October-5 Little Pumpkins, have students each draw a page for a line.)

-Have students type up and illustrate a story that they wrote and share them with another class.


-Have students research canadian animals and each create a page about their animal.  Print out the pages and create a class animal book.

-Do a class book about “How We Took Care of our Plants”.

-Create books of the lifecycle of animals.

-Read a book about what they are studying and have students illustrate the facts.  Then you can create a class book. (ex. Plants that Never Bloom).

-If you study whales in class have students draw the different types of whales and label them.  Then create books about the types of whales.​


-Have students create a drawing of themselves and their family.

-Students can create a book about their family.


-Counting: draw a shape to go with the theme that you are studying in class and have students decorate it with the appropriate number of stamps.


  • Have students draw a picture and decorate it with 100 stamps.
  • Have students sort stamps into 10 groups of 10 and make a 100 page.
  • Draw a shape and copy it 100 times.

-Copy and paste to create simple patterns or complete a pattern that a partner has made.


-Create pictographs using the stamps:​

-Shapes:  Create a circle, square, rectangle and triangle and type the name of the shape underneath it, then place stamps that are that shape inside of it.


-Do an “I know it’s Autumn when…” page.  Type or stamp that sentence at the top then draw a picture of Autumn leaves falling from the trees or of things that you do in the fall.

-Create and decorate Pysanky eggs in Kid Pix.  ​