Working in My Site
How to get in to My Site

​1. Go to an internet browser. 
2. Type in the address:
3. To log in: Username = first name.last name     
                    Password = Same password you use to log in to the school computers or your employee number without the zeros at the front 
    When you are at school you will be automatically signed in but at home you will need to use these.
4. When you are signed in, your name appears at the top right

For Students to log in:

Students go to: 

a. Now students should enter the computer log in that they do at school 

b. Click on My Portfolio ​

Students could also type in and use the same log in that they use to get on to the school computers. They click on Utilities and then sign in to get started and then click on the Portal to get to My Site

 Students are are automatically logged in at school.